The Law Of Probability

There are many laws of success that operate in our lives; the Law of Attraction, the Law of Reciprocity, the Law of Focus, just to name a few. One of the most important laws to know and understand is the Law of Probability. Unfortunately this is one of the least understood laws of success.

Scientists used to believe that we lived in an exact universe, but in the last hundred years a whole new area of physics has developed and turned the idea of an exact universe completely on its head. This area of science is called Quantum Mechanics.

Quantum mechanics teaches us that our universe is actually governed by probability rather than exactness. Everything in the universe is subject to the laws of probability and our own behaviors, and the results that we get from those behaviors, are no exception.

The Law of Probability of success states that when you are taking actions to increase your level of success what you are really doing is increasing the probability that you will succeed. What does this mean in practical terms?

In practice this means that there is no way of knowing the exact results that you are going to get in any particular situation. You may be applying all the laws of success today yet you may have a fruitful day or an unfruitful day. There is no way to predict the outcome for any particular occasion.

However, before you totally give up your success strategies realize that what the Law of Probability is also saying is that if you keep following the laws of success, thinking the right thoughts and taking the right actions then you will become successful. Over time you will have more successes and greater successes than you will have failures.

The moral behind understanding this law is to not give up just because everything is not working out to plan. There is no way of knowing what any particular action will bring but there is a certainty in the total set of results from any continued pattern of actions. In order to become successful you need to keep on keeping on.

Remember that quantum mechanics has shown us that it is the Law of Probability that keeps our whole universe functioning. It keeps the earth going around the sun, it keeps our bodies functioning, and it keeps each and every process in our universe working and has done so for billions of years. If you want a strategy with a proven track record of success then you can’t go past the Law of Probability.

This Law of Probability also works against us if we activate it in that direction. Just as with the positive side of this law you can’t tell what will be the exact outcome in any particular circumstance but you can predict the average outcome over time.

A person may break all the laws of success and yet seem to have an uncanny amount of good fortune. However if you observe this person over the long haul you will find that their life is in fact not working the way they would like it to.

In order to become successful and remain successful long term the best strategy is to learn and apply the time proven laws of success and stick with them. If you do this then sooner or later you will reap the rewards that you are dreaming of.

The Secrets about the Law of Attraction

Once the secret reminded us of this wonderful force of nature called the law of attraction, it brought about a great wave of positivity and excitement. You will note that I said “reminded” us as opposed to “taught” us in the intro. I firmly believe we are all born with the knowledge of the existence of the universal laws. Just look at the innocence of an infant and how they seem to have complete faith in what is going on around them. Sure, they have no choice, but do you think any of us would ever walk if we believed as babies that it would just be too hard. I think not. The difficulty is that somehow things get all muddled up as we get older. It’s natural…we make mistakes, we fail, we get let down, we get hurt, loved ones die, people dissapoint and hurt us the list is endless.

The problem with all this is that the above occurences play havoc with our emotions and beliefs. As a result we “tune out”. We move further and further away from that vibrational place where we are in harmony with the universe. It’s almost like a radio not finding a channel because it cannot pick up a frequency. The sad thing is, so many people go through this life like one of those radios, they just never seem to be tuned in to anything and just “survive” life as opposed to living it.

The Secret reminded us the the law of attraction is still there and it is still working and we are still deliberately creating our own realities…whether it is what we wanted or not. Bob Proctor from The Secret went further and now does a more thorough analysis of the different laws of attraction, which he calls “…the 11 forgotten Laws”.

Excuse Me, Your Life is Waiting! Eventhough this book was written before “The Secret” I only read it after I worked through The Secret. It is probably the book that had the greatest influence on my life. The secret is a great book, but it does not spend so much time on the practical application of the law of attraction. I was very excited after I read it but, it was almost as if I was not sure what to do next. knew I had to change my thought patterns, but I found it very difficult – especially because my reality at the time was not a very postive one at all.

The Author, Lynn Grabhorn, really clarified so many things for me in this book. Her lighthearted easy to read writing style and practical applications and exercises really helped me grasp this concept of delibearte creation using the law of attraction to improve my life. She has written 2 follow up books called, “Dear God, what’s happening to us” and “Planet 2”. The two follow up books were a little “out there” for my simple mind to grasp, but she certainly has some fascinating theories and philosophies about where this world is going.

Quantum Physics Law of Attraction Bob Proctor

Do you know about quantum physics law of attraction bob proctor? Bob Proctor’s says, -inspiration will guide you, take the leap and build your wings on the way down.”

For the example, when we are concentrating on a project, we will find the resource, book or a person accidentally who can help us move forward. When it happens, we just think of it is our lucky day. However, it is the Law of Attraction Quantum Physics effect.

The Law of Attraction is the Universal Law that makes everything in the Universe to happen or manifest. Our life is not an exception for the Law of Attraction. Constantly, the Law of Attraction is working in our life too. So, how this quantum physics law of attraction works?

1. Picture what you want when you can be in a quiet and uninterrupted state. Use all your senses and all your imagination to put yourself into that dream now.

2. Ask for it by picturing how much fun it you are having. If you can picture it, you can have it. The more active, the more senses you inspire, the shorter the time will be to your successful manifestation.

3. Believe that it is yours now. Be willing to accept whatever the Universe gives you. Practice acceptance of the present moment. Accept 100% responsibility for everything.

4. The bigger the dream, the more adversity will be needed to prepare you. You will have to show persistence.

5. Act on inspiration. The Universe will send you here or there and will bring opportunities into your life that will send you in the direction of success.

If you ever read 11 Forgotten Laws, the book says much the same thing. It’s all couched in New Age language which in his day was all the rage, but there’s really no difference. One thing that is vital, though, is passion.

This is quantum physics Law of Attraction in action. Stay positive. Don’t entertain any doubts.

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Yew Git Off My Property! The Law Of Trespassing

CYA Disclaimer: The following is intended for reference purposes only and not as legal advice.

What is trespassing, anyway? Most of us think we know. But the more you think about it, the more complex it can get. For example, could you be sued for trespassing on property that you are the owner of? Of course you could! If you rent it to someone else, you might have only a limited right to enter the property (for inspection or repairs, for example). If you enter the property for any other reason (or without proper notice) you might find yourself being told Yew git off your property! The point is that the concept of trespassing protects possession, and not necessarily ownership.

Another unique point of trespassing law is that liability is absolute. If you take an umbrella from a restaurant when you leave believing it is yours (because it looks just like yours), you have not legally stolen anything even if the umbrella belongs to someone else, as long as you can established that you reasonably believed it was yours. On the other hand, if you build a shed on land that you believe is yours (because the map given to you by the local land office indicates that it is yours), you are a trespasser even though there’s no way you could have known that the land wasn’t yours (there are hidden complexities to this which are beyond the scope of this article). Note that the amount of damages might be less if your trespassing was unintentional. They may even be nominal (e.g. one dollar) if your trespassing did no harm. On the other hand, a non-volitional intrusion is not trespass if you tripped over a stone and fell into your neighbor’s yard, for instance.

You are also not trespassing if you have a legitimate invitation and invitations can be implied rather than actual. That is why you can’t sue your mail carrier for walking across your yard to deliver your mail without permission.

Law Of Attraction Loopholes

There are a couple of loopholes in the law of attraction that will allow you to get faster results with the law of attraction. These loopholes are natural parts of the law of attraction, but are seldom discussed or talked about. Developing an understanding of these loopholes will allow you to sky rocket your results and attract and manifest what you want faster than you could ever imagine. Here they are:

1. Ego can be your friend, or your enemy. Ego is that little part of our brain that allows us to differentiate things. It labels a table as a table, or a car as a car. It’s job is to allow us to navigate the world through association. The problem is that ego needs attention, and a lot of it.

Ego feels the need to be noticed, to be known. It’s that part of us that refuses to be wrong. It needs to be right, all the time. Even when it’s wrong. This can be a problem for us if we don’t keep ego in check. It’s good that ego is there. Without ego, we would forget that fire is hot, or that there are people who are willing to lie and manipulate. But we can’t let ego rule.

For many people, ego rules. We must learn to let ego be right, but allow ego to be right in ways that serves us. When working with the law of attraction, we must teach ego that staying focused on what we want, and knowing that we have it now is the correct answer. Ego wants to say that it’s not ours yet and it’s still in the future. Convince ego that it’s already yours, and allow ego to run rampant in this way.

2. Emotions are our friends, and our addictions. Each and every one of us is addicted to our emotions. Some of us are more addicted to negative emotions than others, but everyone is addicted to emotions. They can also be our friend, or our enemy.

We cannot even direct our eyes or hear a sound without having an emotional response to that stimuli. The problem is that many people have become addicted to emotions that do not serve them or that cause them to keep repeating the same reality over and over again. We must learn to develop emotional addictions to emotions that will move us in the direction we want to go.

The more we feel happy, joyful, excited, passionate, the more we become addicted to those emotions. Continuously feeling these emotions allows us to develop an addiction for those emotions and allows us to attract what we want into our lives faster. The problem for most people is that they are addicted to negative emotions and continue to attract negative situations and circumstances in their lives.

3. The first step is always the hardest, but the most rewarding. Everyone has had the experience of pushing something. Let’s take a car for example. We all know that a car sitting still in neutral is difficult to get moving. But once it’s moving, we just have to keep pushing.

Advancement and the law of attraction is the same. Many people will get started and barely get it moving before they give up. They never give themselves a chance to start recognizing and seeing any progress. They expect to get instant results and completely undo years upon years of programming in just a few days or weeks. This is unrealistic as an expectation.

We have to undo specific habits, specific thought patterns, specific emotional addictions in order to start making real progress. This takes a little bit of time and a lot of practice to do. There are techniques that the Wealthy Life Secrets program offers to help speed this up exponentially, however, it still takes a little bit of time and practice.

We must start though, and we must keep pushing. We wouldn’t start pushing our car if it broke down on a four lane highway and give up after five steps because it got a little bit difficult. We would keep pushing until it was some place that others are much less likely to hit it.

The same is true for the law of attraction. We must keep pushing, and pushing, and pushing until we get to where we need to be and are able to naturally create and manifest the life we want to live in the shortest amount of time possible. At a certain point, you will simply manifest those things you desire with very little to no effort, simply because you have habituated the ability to feel, think, and be as you need to in order to manifest.

Law Of Attraction Success How To Attract Success Into Your Life

Many people study the law of attraction and instantly believe that they can create any type of life they desire to create. This belief is entirely true and possible, but before you start applying the law of attraction in your own life, you should know that you can create an experience you want to avoid by using the law of attraction just as easily as you can create an experience that you do want. The following article will talk about how you can give your attention to what you want in order to acquire law of attraction success.

In most cases, people can easily achieve any goal they set their minds to. Many people will often focus on what they do not want when they try to achieve their goals though. This means, most people attract experiences that they do not want when they are attempting to achieve their goals. If you desire to achieve your goals, all you need to do is direct all of your attention towards what you truly want.

It may seem practically impossible to avoid giving your attention to what you don’t want in this contrasting world though. Whenever you happen to find yourself giving attention to a subject that you don’t want more of, such as the opposite of success, simply adjust your point of attention to what you truly do want, success. As you perform this process, you will attract more of what you want and less of what you don’t want.

Success can be achieved with ease. In fact, success is just as easy to achieve as failure is. If you wish to achieve success, simply keep your mind consistently focused on what you desire to achieve. As you focus on the good feeling thoughts you have in your mind, you will be able to consistently move your life towards successful outcomes.

If you want to achieve success in particular, there are many different paths you can take to increase the success you experience throughout your life. Most average people are capable of achieving a grand amount of success by simply eliminating thoughts that relate to failure from their thought processes. If you could simply avoid giving thought to failure, you will almost certainly achieve success in any venture you take on. The easiest way to achieve success specifically though, is by giving your attention to the outcome you desire to create.

If you are like most people though, it is likely that you will consistently find yourself focusing on the worst possible outcomes. Many people consistently focus on the worst possible outcomes, and they consistently find themselves experiencing the worst possible outcomes too. If you wish to achieve more success than the average person, you should definitely move your focus away from the worst possible outcomes, and give your attention to the best possible outcomes.

The best aspect of giving your attention to positive outcomes is the fact that you will begin to attract more thoughts that relate to the subject of success. As you attract experiences and thoughts that relate to success, keeping your focus on success will become easier as well.

The best way to maintain your focus on success is by practicing giving thought to positive outcomes that can result from your venture. As you consistently practice giving thought to the positive outcomes that can result from your venture, you will continually attract thoughts that relate to success, and more successful life experiences too.

Basically, in order to acquire law of attraction success, simply give your thoughts and your attention to the outcome of success. As you consistently give your thoughts and your attention to the outcome of success, the outcome of success will become inevitable.

Law Of Attraction How To Mentally Get Rid Of Past Mistakes

Do you ever feel as if you are repeating your past mistakes over and over again? No matter what you do it seems that a particular past event keeps popping up? Can you ever get rid of the past mistakes of your life and move forward?

When using the Law of Attraction intentionally your past is a part of who you are but focusing on it causes more “mistakes” to arrive as before. It is important when you encounter past mistakes that you feel you can’t seem to forget, to find out why you keep revisiting them. Is it because you feel badly about how whatever it was went? Do you feel rejected or unloved? Does someone else keep bringing it up to you even though you have tried your best to have forgotten it? Is there no closure?

Examine the actual culprit within the whole event and begin there. It may not be much fun to dig so deep within but it is an important part of the process. It’s imperative that you find the core feeling of what causes your thoughts to go to your past. Once you have found this, admit to yourself what you feel you have learned from the situation. Maybe you recognize that you should have listened to your inner voice; the one that told you not to go in the particular direction that led to the “mistake”. Or perhaps you just need to forgive yourself for something that is truly long gone. You see, when you have a past that continually revisits you, you might be feeling that you have let yourself down or have let others down, but dwelling on those feelings and thoughts are only going to make you miserable and make you feel inadequate and bring you more of the same.

If you can’t find a solution, if there isn’t a closure, then begin to focus on a solution; one that is resolved and in your favor. When the past thought and feeling comes to you shift your focus to resolution in your favor. That will trigger the positive vibrations to emit from you and the Universe will bring you a solution. No more focusing on how whatever the events may have been hurt you or others, just focus on a solution and expect resolve that is comfortable for you.

If you have a past filled with hurt, one where others have hurt you, start with forgiveness. It’s funny about forgiveness. Forgiving someone actually helps you more than it could ever help the person who needs to be forgiven. You see, when you forgive someone you are letting all the feelings of anger, frustration, and sadness go. You can then move forward. Hanging onto those feelings will only attract more of the same. Forgiveness is an incredible release and provides freedom for you. If the ‘action’ of another is the thing you can’t seem to forgive, then just begin by forgiving the person and not the act. This is a way to release what you are holding on to and begin getting on with your life. If you are a person who just loves to live in the past, we suggest you pick the past that you love and not the one that caused you pain. Shift your focus to the positive and realize you can move forward in your life. You are not defined as a person by your past mistakes. They were events that were a tiny part of your life and do not sum up who you are.

There really are no mistakes, just decisions you made based upon the perceptions you had at the time. Learn from them; don’t focus on worrying that they will happen again, and begin to move forward.

And if you do have someone in your life who is trying to keep you from forgetting and moving on, realize that this is their own world they are creating and that they may enjoy holding those feelings and thoughts of past mistakes over you. You don’t have to be a part of this.

If someone feels badly about you because of a past event or “mistake” and you have done all that you can to rectify the past to no avail, you must decide to move on. If others need to keep feeling bad about something that is already over, that is their world and their choice, but you don’t have to participate. You can choose to let it be a part of your life now, just like they do, or brush off your shoulders and keep moving forward toward what you really want in life. Our past is an important part of who we are. It teaches us what we want and don’t want and helps us with our future decisions in life. But that’s all it is. Get over it and live the life you want. You’ll be glad you did.

Law Of Attraction – Allow And Receive Your Desires

Our thoughts create feelings, which in turn create vibrations that are either positive or negative. The Law of Attraction states that “like attracts like” and that what you focus your attention on will expand.

The first step to using the Law of Attraction is to get clear on what it is you do want. A powerful gift of divorce is it can give you a clear picture of what you DON’T want, which you can easily use to get clear on what you DO want. I am currently a single gal and it took me only about five minutes to create a list of over 60 qualities I don’t want in a future partner. I went over my list asking myself the question, “What do I want?” instead. The answers to that question allowed me to generate a list of qualities I would like in a partner. It was empowering and a lot of fun to get clarity!

The second step is to give your desire attention. Your job in the second step is simply to maintain a positive focus on your desire, knowing that as you do so the universe is aligning people and circumstances to match that vibration. You don’t have to know “how” exactly all of this will transpire for you. Let the universe do its job!

The all-important third Step is: Allow

You won’t reap the benefits of the first two steps unless you get the third step right, which is to allow or receive your desires. Esther and Jerry Hicks explain that there is an unending stream of abundance available to us. Our ability to accept the abundance that is always offered is where our challenges lie.

Imagine a river flowing downstream. When you are open to receiving your desires, you’re in your boat headed merrily downstream. (If you recall the lyrics of “Row, Row, Row Your Boat” now, it’s actually a pretty deep philosophical song!) In fact, you could even choose to drop the oars and go with the flow. Step three has you going with the flow and enjoying the scenery along the way (even if the view was somewhat different than you thought it would be).

Tools to Reduce Doubt

Many people aren’t comfortable dropping the oars in their boat and going with the flow. What do your doubts sound like? Perhaps your inner critic tells you “I don’t deserve this,” “I’m going to be alone forever” or “I’m not good enough.” Doubt impedes your ability to receive because it sends out a negative vibration. You start to put your attention on what’s wrong and the Law of Attraction kicks in to give you more of what you’re putting your time and energy on. Not only are you gripping the oars, but you’re starting to head your boat upstream against the current.

The more you can reduce your doubt, the more powerfully and quickly you’ll be able to manifest your desires. People often get impatient with the gap between where they are now and where they want to go. They give up right before they cross the finish line. One way to handle your doubts is to become aware of your doubts or limiting beliefs. Treat the words “because” and “but” as big red flags. Anything you say or think after using those words is likely a version of your limited beliefs about yourself.

Reducing your doubt, even slightly, will make it easier for you to attract what you want. Esther Hicks advises you to “soften and reach for thoughts that bring you relief” as a way to gently turn your boat from “upstream” thoughts back into the downstream current. If you feel controlled by your limiting beliefs, hire a coach to do some internal emotional housecleaning with you. (If you’d like to learn more about the kind of coaching I offer, please visit my coaching website.)

You can clear yourself of doubt by consciously collecting evidence that you are on the right track. Celebrate a stranger holding the door open for you or the unexpected check in the mail. There will be a lag time between articulating what you want and manifesting it in your reality but there will be signs along the way that you’re on track that can keep you fuelled and in a positive state of attention.

The third way to help you receive is gratitude. Take the time to feel deep appreciation and gratitude for your life as it is right now. Look at the people in your life, even the ones you don’t particularly like, and be grateful for the lessons you’ve learned and the relationships you’ve created.

Take Action!

1. What’s up, Doc? Over the next 7 days, keep a list of your doubts and limiting beliefs. Notice what thoughts come after you use the words because” or “but.”

2. Soften into Relief. Look at your limiting beliefs and ask yourself what thought could you choose instead of which would offer you relief. Are there any people in the world who have found happiness in life after divorce? Can you see yourself as in the process of being one of them? Write down a gentler thought that starts to turn your boat downstream.

3. Collect your evidence. Keep a list of all the positive people, circumstances and situations you start to encounter and celebrate your role in attracting them to you.

4. Take a Spiritual Vitamin. Give yourself a daily dose of gratitude by writing at least 10 things for which you are grateful.

Counting On A Law Firm For Advice

Attorneys provide a number of valuable services to their clients that appreciate the work that is done on their behalf. Being able to set up corporations and execute contracts as well creating wills, trusts, and working to negotiate conflicts between people, lawyers are versed in many avenues of the law. While most people believe that they will never need the services of an attorney to represent them, the truth is that almost everyone will need a legal professional at some point in their life. Of course the reasons for hiring lawyers might differ between legal disputes over property lines or family matters that require a lawyer to help in a divorce. For some people the business side of the law requires the assistance of a law firm St George to help settle matters about contract fulfillment. But no matter the issue there is a qualified expert that is licensed with the state to help resolve difficult questions about the law. By hiring a law firm, St George residents can steer clear of legal entanglements that could land them in jail.

For some people that hire a law firm the question of what to do once they have run into a legal complication necessitates their calling on an attorney. After finding them self in a questionable situation and facing the possibility of criminal charges, most people hire legal representation to defend them for a crime. However there are other individuals and especially corporations that run every business deal and contract past their attorney to make sure that they are doing business in accordance with the laws of the state and nation. This type of practice is a preemptive strike that enables many business owners to avoid the uncertainty of deals that sound too good to be true. Working with their law firm St George business owners that are cautious about the transactions can avoid the dangers of skirting the law or doing things that might appear to be harmless, yet are in fact illegal.

By working with attorneys that have experience in a wide variety of areas of the law, individuals and businesses can keep themselves out of trouble. Instead of waiting until the long arm of the law begins to investigate the shading practices of a business, owners can know up front if they are doing anything that might raise suspicion. With the help of their team of legal experts that practice in a variety of common areas of the law, people that want to stay on the right side of every legal question can count on the advice of the attorneys that are able to counsel them about business, family matters, and possible criminal activity.

Short Sale Law In California Is Here To Help Eliminate Foreclosures Inevitably

The Short Sale Law in California is helping a lot of people. The law is giving people the opportunity to keep their homes and not have to suffer foreclosure. Many people are a tad bit confused on how this law can benefit them, and cause these excellent results. It helps to gain a better understanding of what the law truly is.

The Short sale law in California is a law that was enforced to help during the economic recession. Many people are struggling during these hard times; unemployment seems to be consistently rising, as well as expenses for pertinent things that we stand in need of. A few things that seem to be consistently rising in price are food, and gasoline.

People ultimately need food in order to survive, and they need gasoline as a means to get them to and from their place of employment. With the recession in full swing and prices for necessities at an all time high, people were losing their homes left and right.

The short sale law allows people the opportunity to negotiate a price that they can afford to pay on their mortgage. Everyone knows that a big chunk of mortgage payments are simply going towards excess fees and finance charges, they are not being applied to the overall home that you are trying to buy.

You can seek help from a specialist that knows a thing or two about short sales to assist you with the process. What you basically need to do, is sit down with your mortgage lender, and let them know your current financial obligations are exceedingly too much to continue paying the large amount on your mortgage every month.

Many companies are hesitant at first to apply with your demands, but the fact of the matter is Short sales take up a lot less time then a foreclosure would, and they are seen less expensive. Mortgage companies lose out on a lot when a home goes up for foreclosure. Most of the funds will never be returned.

So, when the company and you reach an agreement that suits the both of you, this is a turning point in your current financial arrangement. The amount that is taken off of your home does not need to be repaid. However, since such a substantial amount was removed in order to assist you with the burdens of life. You will be required to file the amount that was taken off of your mortgage as taxable income.

You will receive a 1099 form at the end of the year, you are to record the exact amount that was taken off of your mortgage during the short sale. You will still be held responsible for paying taxes on that amount, so the smart thing to do, is save up as much money as you can throughout the year to be able to pay your taxes on the amount.

You don’t want to be blessed with being able to do a Short Sale, just to wind up in a different boat with the IRS because you can’t pay the taxes on the amount due.