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Lie Detector Machines and How They Work Almost anyone you ask if lying is wrong will answer in the affirmative. However, everyone still lie, despite knowing that it is wrong, especially if put in a situation where you don’t want to be shamed, put down, or accused of something, that is, to help you out of a pressure situation. But when a person lies, it can show in the way he acts, like he becomes nervous and anxious. And this nervousness and anxiety results in some physiological effects that can be seen and measured by a polygraph or a lie detector machine. A polygraph can measure these effects like the ones given below. The first is shallow breathing, which is an increase in breathing rate associated with a decrease of the strength of each breath. This can be measured by a component of the polygraph called the pneumograph.
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When the blood pressure and pulse rate increase, it is also a sign of being nervous and anxious, a result of lying. The component that measures these vital signs is the cardiograph.
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There is also an increase in sweating seen. This is measured by a galvanograph. When sweating is increased, the electrical conductivity also increases because of the electrolyte concentration found in perspiration. However, the amount of sweat is not measured by this device. While measuring these physiological components, an analog graph shows the results of the tests. These graphs were traced out of moving paper rolls which looks like the fax paper rolls of the fax machines of the nineties. While the measurement is going on, there is an examiner who makes an annotation on the papers showing the results of the polygraph test and when the tests are done, the results are read by the same examiner. Nowadays, analog graphs are no longer in used but are replaced by laptops or desktop computers where lie detector machines are hooked up, and which is very convenient for examiners because there are no more long paper rolls to use in the process. Polygraph recordings have been greatly improved using computers. Analog polygraphs are no longer in use today and everyone now relies on computers to give more efficient results, and as a means of safe storage of data gathered in the tests. The software program is the most important aspect of digital polygraph machines. In this program, there is a chart analysis which helps examiners in their interpretation of the test results of the polygraph. Though the results may show positive signs of lying, results of digital polygraph tests can be inconclusive because a subject can have a background of surgeries, illnesses, drug, medication or alcohol, which can also influence the results.