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Playing Sports in School Creates Better Adults Adults, faced with their own stresses forget how tough being a school-aged person can be. But to young people, the challenges they face are serious. Whether or not they have the skills to handle those challenges determines not only how they fare in school but how they fare in the rest of their life as well. Sports is something that can help them cope with the stress of achieving good grades, being pressured by their peers and trying to find their own identity. There are many areas in which sports can positively impact a young person’s life according to researchers. One thing that distinctly marks the teenage years is a sense of not fitting in. Young people get a sense that they belong when they participate in sports. Feeling as if they belong somewhere gives young people confidence. Sports also helps children from bonds and build relationships.
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Regardless if a player is a good athlete or not, they still reap these same benefits because there is a support system there when they lose or don’t perform well. Having support when you lose is the difference being giving up and having perseverance. They ability to persevere is something they use not only in sports but other aspects of their life and they carry that ability with them into adulthood.
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Playing sports also teaches young people a lot about cooperation and working with others. There is a big emphasis on team work in the adult world. Corporations spend millions of dollars on team-building exercises to create a strong team identity among their employees. Playing sports instills the importance of being part of team in young people early in their life. People who understand how important being able to work as a team is, are often more effective communicators, problem solvers and leaders. Team players are invaluable to employers. Playing sports also helps to keep young people fit. Obesity is a big problem for young people today. Experts point the finger and the sedentary lifestyle that has become the norm. Being active becomes a habit. Studies have shown that when people lead active lives when they are younger, they tend to be more active as adults. People who played sports in their youth are 75% more likely to not be overweight as adults. However, playing sports is beneficial no matter what age a person decides to give sports a try. Just because a person didn’t play sports as a youth doesn’t mean they can’t get in on the action as an adult. No matter what a person’s age is, there are still plenty of benefits to reap from playing sports. There are plenty of adult leagues for interested people.