The Law Of Attraction – Thoughts And Circumstance

Thoughts control our circumstances 100% without exception. Our thoughts attract the circumstances in our life’s, this is the bases of the law of attraction. If you have every been going through a bad period and noticed that things seem to keep going downhill. This is because we tend to have repeated negative thoughts when something bad happens to us. It is also true that if you are eating healthy, exercising, taking care of your spiritual life and have a good outlook on life, the law of attraction will work in your favor and bring more of the good things to you. Law of attraction will actually work very fast in changing a life from one of misery to one of happiness. All it takes is to start doing the good things in your life, keep the negative thoughts away and the positive thoughts will soon follow.

According to the the law of attraction, all people will attract what they are afraid of happening, when they have deep emotional feelings for what they fear and what truly inspires them. Every thought that you let grow will produce an equal outcome. If you have positive thoughts they will manifest into positive situations. If you have negative thoughts they will manifest into negative situations. According to the law of attraction even average thoughts will manifest into average situations. Thoughts also have a neutralizing effect. A extremely negative thought and an extremely positive thought along the same lines, about the same subject will produce an average outcome.

People do not end up in prison or in a terrible situation because of some strange twist of fate. The law of attraction does not allow a good, honest, positive person to suddenly take up a life of crime caused by an outside force. The circumstances a person finds themselves, is not what makes the person good or bad. The circumstances are what reveals the type of person they are. Even when a baby is born, the soul of the baby will attract the proper parents and circumstances that fit the character of the soul.

According to the law of attraction a person does not attract what they want, they attract that which is based on their character. If your thoughts are good or bad, that is what you will get. Based on the law of attraction it is best to combine your thoughts and actions in a positive, forward thinking manor. If your thoughts are that you hate a person and wish them harm, but treat them with grudging kindness, you will bring on yourself what you wish for that person. Instead it is better to change the thoughts about the person or avoid them if possible.

We all want to improve our lives and the circumstances we find ourselves in. We need to first improve ourselves, most importantly our thoughts. By improving our thoughts we will improve the circumstances we find ourselves in. When you improve one area of your life the other areas will follow. Improve your health by walking more and better thoughts will follow. When these better thoughts follow, better circumstances will follow also. It all becomes a self perpetuating cycle. Of course the law of attraction does not care if you are doing and being positive or negative. The self perpetuating cycle can work in both directions.

If you have a specific goal, the law of attraction states that your thoughts and actions need to be in alignment with that goal. If this is not the case you will struggle and never reach that goal and wonder why it did not work out for you. If you truly look deeply at yourself you will see that this is true. The question comes up, why is there people that are dishonest and still achieve great success. To answer the question you need to look deeper at the person. This could be because the person truly believes that his dishonesty is a good positive thing. The law of attraction does not make the judgment of what is right and wrong. We make that judgment. The man may also be a very good person in all aspects of his life except for this one area. The positive aspects of this person will out weigh the one negative.

If you have good thoughts and your actions are also good you will have good circumstances and positive outcome. If your thoughts and actions are negative you will have negative outcome. This is all depending on the degree and magnitude of those thoughts and actions. According to the law of attraction this is the only way it can be.