Using Law Of Attraction Money Strategies Why The Secret Is Not Enough

So you fell for The Secret, did you? You recited affirmations. You believed you could be wealth. The universe was practically dripping with the positive vibes you were emitting. But your bank account is still empty, you still work for an idiot, and the bill collectors have you on speed dial. What happened? This guide to using law of attraction money techniques will help you learn the missing mindset you need to attract abundance.

Law Of Attraction Wealth Secret #1

The law of attraction, the basis for The Secret, doesnt work like a metaphysical candy dispenser. You cant simply wish your money dreams into beingand thats the mistake many Secret readers have made. It does take some work. The good news is that the work is simpleso simple that you can start today.

Those affirmations arent worth the paper theyre written on if you dont do something about them. If your affirmation is I want to attract wealth like a powerful magnet then youll need to consider wealth-building opportunities, whether its investing in the website youve always talked about creating or flipping the beat-up ol house down the road. So many of those who want to use law of attraction wealth strategies dream big, but fear taking bold steps toward building abundance.

Law Of Attraction Wealth Secret #2

If you want to live like a rock star, youll need to start hanging out with the rock stars. Whiling away all of your time with overworked, cash-poor friends doesnt exactly set you up for using the law attraction strategies to their full potential. You dont have to abandon your good-time pals, but be sure to find a chance to rub elbows with others. Money and the law of attraction go hand-in-hand when you surround yourself with wealthy people who can provide guidance and support.

Law Of Attraction Wealth Secret #3

You cant hide from your financial situation if you want to build wealth using law of attraction techniques. Yes, that means you need to open those credit card statements and retirement statementseven if it hurts. It will help you acknowledge some of the fear that emits those money-repellant emotions. Smart wealthy people always know where their money is, and you should, too. Once you recognize a starting point, its easier to visualize exactly what you need to do to start building the abundant and wealthy lifestyle youve always wanted.

Money and the law of attraction. This powerful combination does work if youre willing to invest time educating yourself about using law of attraction strategies.